Drupal 6 and Templates: The Next Big Thing

Drupal 6's updated theme() function creates considerable more support for templates. If you've even looked at a Drupal 5 theme's files or the Drupal 6 core, you've seen them. They're the little .tpl.php files.

What is a template, anyway?

A template is a file designed to be friendly to the typical administrator. There is not supposed to be any complex PHP code there, because that would scare off many a user. They're lightweight files used to generate the equivalent of what a theme_function does. Variables can be passed into the template for use through a nice php function, template_preprocess_template_name().

The power of Drupal simpletests and the simpletest revolution

If you are looking for an up-to-date SimpleTest tutorial, please see my newer post.

The Drupal simpletest module is awesome! I discovered it while I was looking for a new GHOP task, and I loved the idea of it immediately. So, I claimed the task, and I'm writing now to share what I learned with you.

What it is

The simpletest module extends the php simpletest framework. Basically, it allows users to run a series of automated tests on a Drupal install.

Why it's useful

Often, new code is entered into Drupal contributed modules, and even the Drupal core, without being thoroughly tested - or even tested at all, in some situations. With simpletest, tests become so easy (without having to manually try maybe hundreds of situations) that finding and fixing bugs becomes a breeze.

Drupal and Object Oriented Programming

What would the advantages be of (theoretically, of course) having Drupal as an object-oriented content management system? So I answered myself:

GHOP, Drupal, and the Right to Vote

GHOP stands for Google Highly Open Participation contest. It has started in late November, and will be finished by February. Already, an amazing amount of work has been completed. This project is succeeding at harnessing the power of people under 18 at quickly understanding new, complex things (that take adults years to understand) in less than an hour.

I am not surprised by this. Children and teenagers are smarter than adults, as has been proven time and time again. Google Summer of Code, aimed at college-level students, has not produced nearly as many results as this contest has.

Blog started!

This blog has been started! Partially because I have stuff to say, and partially because it's just cool ;).

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