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Paris SimpleTest Sprint, Day 2

Only hours ago, after over three years of work on the SimpleTest module, . This is an amazing achievement. Drupal is looking at getting 100% core test coverage, both unit and functional. A lot of work went into the SimpleTest module today before it was committed. We (the Drupal SimpleTest Sprinters) set up an SVN repository containing a version of Drupal with SimpleTest there as a module, and opened it up for all of us to commit. It was chaos (in a good way). Without the roadblock of patches, code was rapidly sucked into the SimpleTest module; finally Dries had to give us a SimpleTest "code freeze" so as to actually start to get stuff to work.

Current SimpleTest Status

SimpleTest is in core! What can be left to do? Actually, a lot, but first, let's go over what we've done today:

  • Got SimpleTest into Core!
  • Got all tests except for Trigger and Poll tests actually passing!
  • Got PHPCoverage to generate a 500 MB XML file on Rok's laptop! (Though we have yet to find a script that can deal with all that data without crashing).
  • Made SimpleTest's web interface pretty with the addition of icons and assertion groups!
  • Got the code necessary for working!

And then, there are :

  • (Update: ) Make the SimpleTest module use the Batch API. This will give us that nice little progress bar that shows us our progress, which is one of the few feasible ways of running so much code.
  • (Update: ) Make the SimpleTest module REALLY comply with coding standards. Not only do we have all the old coding standards SimpleTest issues, but we also now have to make our own SimpleTest-Light library coding standard compliant, as well as alter our code to fit .
  • We need to write tests! Our estimated test coverage at the moment is between 30 and 60 percent, unacceptably low levels. Tests are now easy to write, SimpleTests are in core; everyone, answer this call for help! Write SimpleTests for both core and contributed modules! Make a reality!

For more and/or updated ways to help out, please visit .


That's great! Sounds like

That's great! Sounds like you got a lot of good work done.

Good Thing™

Wow, SimpleTest in core. This is a Doubleplusgood Thing™! Can it possibly get any better? (It probably can, it's just that I'm limited by my imagination :P)

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