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Introducing Flexifilter

Today, the initial version of for Drupal 6.x was released. "What is this flexifilter?" you might ask. And the answer: Flexifilter is an awesome new module that's going to totally revolutionize the way filters are done in Drupal. It's going to become (almost) as important as CCK and Views for a site builder. Flexifilter was initially created by as a part of .

What it is

Flexifilter allows you to define custom filters entirely through the user interface. You name a filter, you can create it. A filter to append a "back to top" link if the text is longer than 1000 characters? No problem. A filter to change links in the form of [[link|title]] into links in the form of <a href="link">title<a>? Downright easy. And, if you ever want to change the format from [[link|title]] to {{link:title}}, there will be no delving into php code necessary: just change your settings on the admin page.

GHOP, Drupal, and the Right to Vote

GHOP stands for Google Highly Open Participation contest. It has started in late November, and will be finished by February. Already, an amazing amount of work has been completed. This project is succeeding at harnessing the power of people under 18 at quickly understanding new, complex things (that take adults years to understand) in less than an hour.

I am not surprised by this. Children and teenagers are smarter than adults, as has been proven time and time again. Google Summer of Code, aimed at college-level students, has not produced nearly as many results as this contest has.

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