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Google sponsors two Drupal developers to Testing Sprint, Paris

Thanks to the amazing and the awesome , we can add an additional two sprinters to the list for ! Both (me) and (aka boombatower) are now going to be at the testing sprint! Let's all thank for this awesome act of kindness towards the Drupal community!

SimpleTest is critical to Drupal, not only for quality assurance, but also to so we can add more features to Drupal 7 and make it as awesome as possible.

As this beautiful graph clearly shows, after Drupal has made the switch to complete SimpleTest coverage for core, the quality of Drupal will skyrocket, as we will be able to ensure that each patch committed to core does not break any of the SimpleTests, therefore less bugs and more features! When we have complete core SimpleTest coverage for Drupal, we will be free to explore awesome new features instead of spending precious time on bug hunting and bug fixing.

Let's make that Drupal 7 release a killer! :)

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