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DROP (Drupal Rockin' Open Participation)

For those of you who haven't read the front page post yet, is a new program that encourages and helps people get involved in the Drupal community! DROP is basically a continuation of , only extended so that everyone, not just 13-18 year old high school students, can participate.

Have you ever wanted to contribute to Drupal, but weren't sure where to begin? Developers, have you ever seen small tasks on drupal.org that you don't have time for but that are important nonetheless, and would be good for people just starting to learn Drupal? Then DROP is for you. DROP is an organization of small tasks from drupal.org, both documentation tasks and coding tasks—and everyone can participate in it, either by proposing DROP tasks, mentoring them, or doing them. No matter what your skill level and experience with Drupal is, you can find some way to benefit from this new program. Read on to learn more about this program, or to go to the DROP site's about page.

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