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GHOP Students at Drupalcon

Over the past few months, the GHOP program has made innumerable contributions to the Drupal community. Now that GHOP is ending, many of these students are choosing to remain long-term contributors. This is awesome: it's exactly what the program was meant to achieve, getting high school students involved in open source communities. And what better way to get involved in Drupal than to go to Drupalcon?

Deeply inspired by , I have posted here the chipins' of two students requesting financial assistance to get to Drupalcon. Please, please, please seriously consider contributing to this cause. We want new contributors in the Drupal community? Well, here they are: but they need your help to fully join the community.


This first chipin is for Jimmy Berry, an 18-year-old student who has basically increased Drupal's simpletest coverage by 500%, along with a whole multitude of other tasks, including creating a 30-second commercial for Drupal.

This next chipin is for Ron Williams, a 17-year-old student who has created documentation on how to migrate database changes between Drupal sites. He is also currently working on running usability tests on Drupal's administration interface.

If everyone chips in, you'll be able to meet these awesome students in Boston! See for more opportunities to sponsor Drupal community members to Drupalcon.

Note to other GHOP students: if you're requesting financial assistance to get to Drupalcon but are not listed here, you may use my contact form; I'll add your name asap.


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